"With her obvious skill in classical and heavy metal stylings, and her devious embrace of the absurd and melodramatic, it's as though Rachel Gambiza were the unholy offspring of Kurt Weill and Freddie Mercury. When you listen to her sing a song such as "Mr. Shiny Pants," it becomes clear that trying to decide whether she's a lunatic genius or thoroughly engaged in a joke the rest of us might never get is an entirely pointless endeavor.  It's quite clear she's both, and thank goodness for that." --Victor D. Infante, The Worcester Telegram and Gazette Full review here

"A theatrical quartet that dons bunny ears, throws out slices of cheese, and generally fills the room with epic music, these guys don't command respect, they rip it out of you!" --Max Bown, Citywide Blackout Full review here

"When you first hear Gambiza singing about superhero bunnies and cheese and whatnot, your first thought may be "What is this girl on?" but it shortly changes to "What is this girl on and can she share it?" --C.D. Di Guardia, Boston Band Crush Full review here

"This band is soooo wild!  They played here on a Wed not too long ago and the entire audience watched with mouths agape.  It's an INCREDIBLE show."--Erick Godin, www. Full review here

"Upon first listen, 2 influences hit me right off the bat:  Queen and Alice Cooper.  I couldn't help but picture this music as part of a lavish broadway musical." --Pick of the Month:  Gambiza Mr. Shiny Pants,  Full review here

"They take their pants off.  The show is amazing!" --DJ Maru, The Birn

"Featuring a full and unabashed embrace of the theatrics, operatics, and vocal acrobatics, Gambiza puts on a show of shows, generally making the rest of the world look silly.  --C.D. Di Guardia, Boston Band Crush Full review here

"I have no idea how much music I've listened to in 2010.  That being said, it's pretty nifty when something sticks.  There was absolutely no way to know I'd fall in love with... the quirky and operatically offbeat Rachel Gambiza's songs such as "Mr. Shiny Pants."--Victor D. Infante, The Worcester Telegram and Gazette Full review here

Gambiza's songs have been played on the following radio stations:

MIT's WMBR 88.1 FM
Berklee College of Music's The Birn
Cyberstation USA
UNregular Radio
Women's Radio
Jango Radio
JellyBean Radio
Radio Crystal Blue
Rocks Metal Hour

And on television:

NECN, The Morning Show

In 2010, Gambiza finished 5th (out of 1200 bands) in round one of the voting to open The Virgin Mobile FreeFest in Washington, D.C.

What People Are Saying

" 'Move out of the way, you're blocking Pat Sajack's head' may be the single greatest lyric ever written." --Dave, on facebook
"Hey Gambiza... are you the love child of Frank Zappa and Alanis Morisette?  Or just a dream come true?" --fangotango, on Jango Radio More jango comments here

"I just wanted to drop ya'll a line and say that, having just listened to "Evil Man," you're both insane and ludricrous and I absolutely love it.  I feel like I was listening to one of the songs off the Repo: A Genetic Opera soundtrack.  ...It's right up my alley in a "Queen meets Bruce Campbell" kind of way.  Rachel has a beautiful voice and amazing inflection and I applaud the composition and arrangement of these songs."--Headfirst/ex-Griffon, in an email after seeing a craigslist post by Gambiza

"The cat isn't used to hearing that kind of music in this house." --Rachel Gambiza's mom

"This is great dramatic vocals and sound.  Creative genius." --The Fabulous Del Counts, on Reverbnation

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