Dubbed a "lunatic genius" by the press, and with a voice compared to that of Freddie Mercury, Rachel Gambiza leads the Gambiza cast in a theatrical rock show you won't soon forget.  Labeled "epic" by audience members and press alike, Gambiza's music has all the elements of glam rock and rock opera, and is akin to bands such as Queen and Alice Cooper and to cult musicals such as Rocky Horror and Hedwig And The Angry Inch.  Add in guitarist/Berklee College of Music professor Michael "Dr. Rock" Johnson, who could jump on stage with Van Halen without missing a note, and the result is a killer show you definitely won't want to miss!

Gambiza performs in and around Boston, NYC, and throughout New England.  Their music has been played on the radio, on television's The Morning Show on NECN, and appears in the web series Callie and Izzy.



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